Mixology Monday XL: Ginger

Mixology MondayWow has this month flown right by.  I feel as if it were just a couple nights ago that I posted about my Amaro cocktails. Time flies right by when your’e settling in to a new job, and bartending at The Varnish in downtown LA has kept me pretty busy.  The work is hard but man is it satisfying.  If you find yourself in the LA area by all means stop in and pay us a visit.  We would love to craft a fine beverage for your enjoyment.  I digress.  Now for the task at hand.

This month’s Mixology Monday is being hosted by Matt at RumDood.com.  For our June exercise, ‘ol RumDood has chosen ginger for us to play around with. Here’s what Matt has to say, 

“Find or concoct a cocktail recipe that uses ginger in one of its many forms as an ingredient.  This can be muddled ginger, sliced ginger, ginger syrup, ginger beer (commercial or homemade), ginger liqueur, ginger candy, or pieces of a shredded photo of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.”

Having always loved ginger, (even Gilligan’s Island Ginger) I found myself having to self edit a touch this go round.  The ideas were endless and had they been left unchecked I’d be posting about twenty cocktails right now.  What I decided to go with however was my take on a particular cocktail that I have been enjoying of late called the Gershwin.  A simple ginger cocktail made with gin, ginger syrup, lemon and a touch of rose water.  A fantastic drink just begging to be altered a tad bit.  I decided to add some fresh organic blueberries into the fold and alter the ratios of the recipe.  

Rhapsody in BlueRhapsody in Blue
    2oz    Oxley Classic English Dry Gin
1/2oz    strong ginger syrup (I like to juice my ginger)
1/2oz    simple syrup (1:1)
3/4oz    fresh lemon juice
2 dashes Rose Water
8-10 fresh blueberries

Start by muddling berries in ginger and simple syrup.  Add rest of ingredients followed by cracked ice, shake, strain.

I opted to use the Oxley Gin as I had just received a sample of it and actually really like it.  The gin is one of the first ever spirits to be cold distilled.  Meaning that both final maceration and distillation happen in a vacuum that creates intense Oxley Ginpressure at cold temperatures.  The resulting distillate is extremely clean and balanced with the more turpentine-esque notes being softened considerably.  Less “peaky” and more well rounded would sum this gin up pretty well.  Excellent for this application.  

The resulting cocktail was absolutely delicious!  The only thing that didn’t translate all that well was the color of the cocktail.  Not that I was expecting an electric blue outcome but possibly a bit more color.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt the color came out great, but more of the inside of the berry than the skin.  

Once again thanks to Matt of RumDood.com for hosting this month!  Can’t wait to see the round-up of fantastic ginger cocktails

~ by Chris Bostick on June 15, 2009.

12 Responses to “Mixology Monday XL: Ginger”

  1. Yummmmmm! I want one!! Right. Now. If only.

  2. Wish I were on the West Coast so you could make me one…Guess I’ll have to get off my lazy butt and make it myself.

  3. I want me one of these next time I come by The Varnish!

    • You got it Matt. We normally don’t carry blueberries at The Varnish. I just brought those in for the project. I might have to start keeping them around. We do regularly have blackberries though. I bet that would be delicious. Hmmmmm. . .ideas, ideas.🙂

  4. Chris, thanks again for yet another good night of delectable libations. I learn a lot every time I’m at the Varnish. As for The Answer, I tried it out right when I got home and it was great haha.

    • You got it Dylan. Glad we were able to hammer out that recipe for ya. Did you end up trying it with less simple and a touch of lemon juice?

  5. Also, here’s a site to post some of your creations or see what others are doing. http://www.liqurious.com/

  6. […] Courtesy of MxMo and Blueprint Cocktail. […]

  7. Hi, just found this after doing a google search for “gershwin cocktail”. The reason? Because I just had a delicious one at Varnish last night (perhaps you were the one who made it). I look forward to trying your variation, but would you mind posting or sending me the standard recipe for the Gershwin? Thanks!

    • Hey there J, the original is simple. Just subtract the blueberries and keep the proportions the same. I do like to fiddle with the amount of ginger syrup and simple syrup as I like the spice of ginger. The type of Gin you use also can make a big difference. We use Beefeater in our well at the Varnish and I think it’s just delicious. Maybe a new Western Dry would work as well. Something like Aviation or dare I say it, Junipero. Hope that works out for you. Thanks again for stopping by the Varnish!

  8. I got to this blog post the same way as the last commenter did! I had a Gershwin at Varnish this weekend and it was the best cocktail I’d had in awhile (all the drinks my friends and I got were quite tasty, by the way.) So glad I found this! Do you know a good place to find Rose Water, though?

    • First of all I’m glad you had a great time at the Varnish. That’s always good to hear. You can find rose water in most middle eastern style markets. Also some of the nicer grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Bristol farms will certainly have it.

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