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btbWell, it’s time to get serious again.  All excuses aside, I’ve really been slacking on keeping Blueprint Cocktail updated and fresh.  I’ll be honest, writing a blog is relatively hard work, especially when bartending full time.  When I started this blog I really had no idea what I was doing and just figured that I would learn as much as I could along the way.  While that has been true and I feel that I have learned much, I’ve also learned that throughout the early stages of a blog there are many hurdles and obstacles standing in your way on the path to consistent posting.  It’s these obstacles that I plan on taking head on and moving past.  While I won’t promise to be an everyday poster, I will do my best to post on a more regular basis.

Maybe It’s best if I redefine what exactly it is that I’m trying to accomplish with my blog.  My original intent was to join the wonderful and well connected online cocktail writers scene and while that hasn’t changed, a few of my approaches to what I would like to write have.  I am most certainly not the biggest online cocktail geek out there nor do I try to be.  If you want to see me in full geek mode then please, by all means come and see me behind the bar at the Varnish here in Los Angeles.  I do enjoy learning from others online and seeing what the community at large has up their sleeves.  It’s this nationwide if not worldly connectedness that in my mind is where the true progression of the spririts industry lies.  That being said, I would like to continue to take a bartender’s approach to what I write and chronicle some of the more interesting things happening in my world.  I hope that you will continue to join me.


~ by Chris Bostick on September 9, 2009.

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