Step-To-Step on How to Play Golf for Golf Beginners

Golf is a popular game that has been around for hundreds of years. There are many rules of golf. Some rules are enforced mainly during regulation or professional play while others are standard rules that need to be learned and followed. When you become more familiar with golf and begin to play more seriously you may want to get a copy of the complete rules of golf. Some rules are a matter of courtesy while others are more play oriented. A breach in the rules results in penalty strokes added to your game. At some golf courses failing to follow the rules may result in you being asked to leave the course. Here are some of the most basic rules of play

Golf Etiquette
The game of golf has many rules. Because the game is played with so many others nearby, there is a need for golf etiquette as well. Following proper etiquette shows respect for the golf course as well as the other players and makes for a safe and pleasing experience on the links.

• Dress appropriately for the course. Don’t wear bathing suits or remove your shirt.
• Don’t be late. Always arrive in enough time for your party to get ready before their tee time.
• Stay with your party.
• Allow faster groups to “play through” by waiting one hole, letting them go ahead. This is far better than holding up the group behind.
• Be respectful of others. Don’t yell and don’t use obscenities while on the course.
• Take care when driving a golf cart. Drive only on designated areas and don’t speed.
• Don’t leave the golf cart parked in the way of other golfers.
• Be aware of where other players are located. If you hit a shot near anyone else immediately yell “fore” as a warning.
• Be ready when your turn comes. Prepare for your shot by choosing the right club before it is your time to hit.
• Always allow the player furthest away to hit the ball first.
• Don’t stand too close to other players or park the golf cart too close to others.
• Never throw your clubs in anger.
• Don’t drink on the course. (Except water, of course).
• Don’t take too much time looking for a lost ball. Follow the five-minute limit and after that declare it lost and move on.
• Be respectful of nature and wildlife on the course. Never hit at any animals or birds and don’t chase them. If animals are in your way, gently move them away using a slow approach.
• Pick up any garbage you have and deposit it in a proper receptacle. Don’t leave any garbage on the course.
• Don’t talk when someone else is taking a stroke.
• Be honest about your score. Nobody likes to play with a liar.
• Repair any divots you take on your shot as best you can.
• When you are done playing a bunker rake your play area as well as your footprints so the next players have a clean sand trap.
• Leave the green as soon as everyone has completed the hole. If you want to talk, move away first, allowing the players behind you to continue play.
• Don’t get into long personal discussions on the course. This takes away from everyone’s concentration.
• On the green, never walk between someone’s ball and the hole.
• Don’t stand too close on the green and be mindful of your shadow. If it is in the field of play for anyone move away.
• When carrying your clubs, never leave the bag too close to the green. Instead, remove the club or clubs you need and park the bag further away.
• On the putting green, if your ball hits another ball it must be returned to its original position and you incur a two-stroke penalty.
• When playing on the green, remove the flagstick and place it on the ground away from the green until play is over.

Golf Swing:
The swing is the single most important item in the golf game and one of the hardest things to perfect. The swing combines balance, power and physics to form a consistent result. The key to the golf swing is practicing proper form until it comes as second nature to you.

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