How to Use Natural Supplements for Menopause Symptoms in a Safer Way

Natural Supplements for anxiety combined with a self-help approach to managing symptoms can help you begin to regain a sense of control. By learning to activate the relaxation response through deep breathing, listening to calming music and using natural herbal remedies you can help yourself to feel less overwhelmed and stressed-out.

Some degree of anxiety is just a normal part of life; the normal conditioning of the human body is to sense and react to danger and threats. Natural Supplement Ingredient Manufacturer We’re all familiar with the “fight or flight response” when the nervous system goes on alert and you feel the adrenaline surge. It’s less well-known that the human nervous system has a relaxation response which provides a natural balance to the “fight or flight response.”

Stress can sometimes become too much. When a person feels as if they can no longer keep up with the demands of life, it may become necessary to address feelings of anxiety more directly. When the delicate balance in the nervous system is thrown off it can can result in symptoms and sensations like:

Anxiety for no clear reason
Negative emotions
Excessive stress
There are many natural supplements for anxiety which have proven effective through both long-term use in traditional medicine and through modern clinical research. This includes vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, and herbs. Here I will focus on herbs which can effectively ease many of the symptoms of anxiety with a very low risk of side effects.

Natural Supplements for Anxiety – Three Frequently Used Herbs

These popular herbs contain active ingredients known for their soothing properties and work as tonics that support the brain and nervous system. These herbal attributes significantly contribute to the management of anxiety, depression, panic, and general stress.

A practice that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine is the combining of herbs which have similar effects to create an enhanced synergistic benefit. This synthesis is still practiced today in natural supplement manufacturing. Herbal formulas with several herbs like those mentioned above are often combined in formulas designed for a specific issue like anxiety.

If you’re in the middle of an anxiety or panic attack, or just feeling overwhelmed, you need a fast-acting solution. Liquid herbal remedies called tinctures can enter your bloodstream more quickly and can potentially produce faster symptom relief. This makes them very helpful for anxiety and panic attacks.

Natural Supplements for Anxiety – Quality Matters

With herbal supplements, an issue to be aware of is the increasingly common method of processing known as “standardization”. This is a manufacturing process that uses harsh chemicals to extract active ingredients from medicinal herbs.

Manufacturers of holistic natural remedies do not use or approve of the standardization process because it increases the risk of side effects since the herb being processed in this manner loses its ability to protect against side effects.

When choosing natural supplements for anxiety look for formulas produced in a way that’s as close to nature as possible. For clues, look for the words “full spectrum” or “wild crafted,” which will indicate that the product most likely does not use standardized herbal extracts. Take a little time to educate yourself and soon you’ll be able to recognize high quality products that will have a better chance of producing a positive outcome.



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