How do I learn to dance? Is it possible to do so without attending dance classes?

World renowned explains how with at home trick.
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Marius Wrobel, Speaker at TEDxKIT November 2017
Updated August 6 · Author has 409 answers and 61.2K answer views
Hi, you just have to know that you already can dance to start right away. Classes are there to see how others are dancing. Most video tutorials only show step patterns, they don’t actually teach dancing. I wrote this some time ago, have fun:

Welcome, new Dancer!

As you think about entering the World of Dance,

the first thing you will want to know is:

You don’t need to know any special steps to do any kind of dance.

Dancing is about relating yourself to the music you hear,

with your movement.

And here, it’s all yours, it’s all free – You are the dancer.

You choose how you want to relate to the song tha

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How do I learn how to dance? I’m 16 years old, and very awkward and not flexible. I don’t have access to any studios or classes, but I’m in love with dance and the confidence it brings. Should I even bother starting since it’s so late?
Am I too old to learn to dance? I’m 16 and not very good at it. I want to learn but I feel like because I haven’t been learning since I was young ill never be all that good.
I’m 18. I know nothing about dance but I want to learn it. How can I learn?
I have never danced before. I am 26 year old now. Would I be able to learn now?
I’m very passionate about dance, but I’m not a very good dancer. I don’t have the time to attend dance classes, but I really want to learn how to dance. How can I do this using the Internet?

George Pytlik, I think, therefore I dance.
Answered May 9, 2019 · Author has 158 answers and 477K answer views
Imagine that you want to learn to play a guitar. You buy the instrument, then start to strum a few chords. With a great many hours of trying different things you would eventually become somewhat capable of playing. But if you didn’t know anything about sheet music you would have all these issues of trying to figure out how the musical notes on the sheets related to the positioning of fingers and which strings to pluck. Would you eventually figure it out? Maybe. Maybe not.

Now imagine that you bought the guitar and had a professional guitar teacher guide you through the learning process. They wo

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Alimpan Dasgupta, Senior Consultant (SAP APO) at HCL Technologies (2020-present)
Answered June 7, 2018
Everyone is sharing their story, so here is mine —

It’s been almost 9 years since Michael Jackson’s death. How weird it might sound but his death was the reason I started dancing and it’s been almost 9 years I am into popping and Funk Styles, I have won competitions in both group and solo throughout my college days. Now if I look back, I find it’s a fairytale.

I had no experience in dancing before 2009, never been on stage before that. i am a shy person. It was an awkward situation for me to dance even when everyone in the room is dancing, when nobody is even looking at you, like in a marriage o

Sonal Aggarwal, studied Dance at Big Dance Academy
Answered June 11, 2017
Yes, you can most definitely learn dance without attending classes.

I’d tell you my slightly-amusing story first ( you can totally skip to part 2 so ok ) and then top it up with some suggestions on how to go about it.


I started dancing when I was a little child, just 2 years old. My parents *accidentally* discovered it. We were at a big fat Indian wedding, its all glitzy-blitzy and there is ofcourse loud music and the dance floor.
I was a walker, it was an ordeal to keep me seated. So, I was with my mother, seated, watching my surroundings aimlessly, getting excited by all t

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Jinal Masalia
Answered May 14, 2014
Originally Answered: How do I learn to dance ? Is it possible without attending dance classes?
— You can learn dance without any dance classes also. You can watch dance videos and learn them by practicing it 100 times till you get it perfect. Once you have learned that, try to invent new steps out of those you learned by watching videos. This will make you think and once some new steps strikes your mind, you are actually learning choreography as well.
— Yes, if you want to take it at professional level; you should learn dance from some good teacher. let it not be a well known dance classes but you have to learn from somewhere where you can feel that you will learn real dance. After t

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Answered January 30, 2013
Originally Answered: How do I learn to dance ? Is it possible without attending dance classes?
Yes it is.
A lot depends on what sort of dance you want to learn. If you want to learn Indian classical dance – either Kathak or Bharatnatyam (the major schools of dance in India), there’s not much of an option other than formal learning through certified courses and clearing levels of examinations.

If you want to learn the “fun” dances, say, Bollywood, Freestyle, Hiphop etc. you definitely can learn on your own. All you need is:

Access to music and dance videos
A mirror to watch yourself
Some video tutorials
Loads of practice

A few pointers before you start.

Wear lose clothes while practicing

Mitch Rose Aguilar, Dancer/Artist (2014-present)
Answered August 31, 2018
In our past lesson in Physical Education, it is said that dancing is the first exercise that could make the body healthy. Dance could not only be found in dance classes as well as learning a dance. It doesn’t mean you will not learn how to dance without attending a dance class . All of us has the potential in dancing yet, we just need to develop it more so that we would know how to work on with our body. There are many ways on how to learn dance anywhere you are. With music, you can create movements. With music, you can imagine yourself dancing on your mind. You just have to put in mind that,

Emeroy Bernardo, Been dancing for over 21 years, dance instructor, and choreographer.
Answered October 22, 2016 · Author has 58 answers and 148.6K answer views
Originally Answered: How do I learn to dance ? Is it possible without attending dance classes?
It’s definitely possible to learn how to dance without stepping into a dance studio.

I recommend just starting out on YouTube just by searching hip hop dance tutorials. You’ll find a lot out there. You just gotta find it an instructor whose style you enjoy learning from. The hugest upside from learning online is that you can practice in the comfort of your own home and you can repeat certain parts as much as you need.

The biggest downside is that you don’t get the instant feedback you compared to a Live Class.

While learning the moves and learning routines is a great way to get started, feedback

Tvisha Gontina, knows 4 different types of dance
Answered September 26, 2019
Dance is an activity anyone is capable of doing. Classes are certainly not necessary. In fact, sometimes a learn dances from my TV! I would prefer going for a class, because you need a mentor to guide you through the dance. A TV can’t provide that. A mentor can tell you to change your posture while they are in front of you so you get a good idea of what the step is supposed to be like. A disadvantage is that classes can be expensive some times, so be careful. Learning to dance is really not hard. If you start off easy, and keep pushing up your level of dance, you are sure to become a great dan

Alishan Rehan, Professional Dancer
Updated March 5
You can definitely learn to dance without attending dance classes.

I’m more of a self taught dancer. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old. I used to just start dancing on any random song.

Later on, I did attend dance classes. But, you can definitely learn how to dance without attending any dance classes.

Firstly, if you really want to learn how to dance you’ve to find out what type of dance form are you interested in.

There are many dance forms. So, it basically depends on you.

Later you can learn how to dance by watching some dance tutorials on youtube or just make some steps by yourself by

Krishna Aamancharla, former Retired at Geological Survey of India (1968-2002)
Answered June 17, 2018 · Author has 834 answers and 209.3K answer views
There are hundreds of videos, mostly by YouTube and also some trainers of different exercises pertaining t different dances involving weight loss.
You can see all kjnds of dances of many international varirties of dancers.
Apart from those videos, you can buy books pertaining to different aspects of dancing of specific type you are interested depicting poses and movements.
But it is better to have a few days of personal training as poses and explanations in the book don’t havec advantages of a personal trainer. Learn for a few days after studying literature and seeing videos you can

Anand Kumar Maurya, LEAD OPS SPECIALIST at Amazon (2017-present)
Answered May 6, 2018
Try watching different videos to understand the basics of different styles of dance. Maybe you don’t like all the forms but first select your style and start practicing and then try to capture your moves on camera do it weekly wise the improvement will be seen on camera and you can be good dancer later on. For example I never went to any classes for training but I practice above procedure daily and there is lot of followers of mine on Instagram..slow and steady wins the race.

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Answered September 30, 2016
Originally Answered: How do I learn to dance ? Is it possible without attending dance classes?
If you want to learn dancing without attending dance classes then it might be very difficult for you to pick up steps quickly and you may take a lot of time to actually dance perfectly.

Hence I suggest take out time from your busy schedule and learn to dance. But since due to some problem you cannot join dance classes, you can learn it for free. Just open YouTube and start searching for the dance types you want to learn and you will get thousands tutorial. Just follow one good channel of your choice and that’s it.

Here are some samples

Ishq Da Sutta Dance Tutorial


Mackenzie Lillian
Answered August 11
Dance is the outcome of a rhythm that vibrates in your body. It is a sense of motion that moves your body to the beats of music. Dance happens when you weave a movement to a music piece. You must know the piece of music well to devise steps that suit it. If you want to learn by yourself then you must practice regularly. Stand in front of a mirror. Play some music. Close your eyes, feel the music, and imagine the way you want to move with it. Open your eyes and do it to see how it looks. Repeat it every day.

There are various dance institutions spread across the country. You can enroll and learn

Akanksha Jain, former Digital Marketer at Kompanions (2018)
Answered November 23, 2018 · Author has 57 answers and 90.5K answer views
Definitely, you could dance without attending the dance classes.

Priory I will recommend to start with a ‘type of dance’ which you like the most because it will be easy for you to learn it as you already like it, you will be a self-motivator to learn it

Go through some of the ‘dancing videos for beginners’ on YouTube and select the one you would like to start with.

For example, I like hip hop dance, I like to learn some footstep for the same. Link:

Practice simultaneously, and gradually you would start enjoying it beat to beat.


Millie Wilson
Answered July 27
While even kids can dance, not everyone can dance well. If you want to learn how to dance, you first have to pick a style. Next, you can spend some time learning on your own. Alternatively, join a class at a local community college to improve your skills. You can learn dance without any dance classes also. You can watch dance videos and learn them by practicing it 100 times till you get it perfect. Once you have learned that, try to invent new steps out of those you learned by watching videos. Try watching Vicky Patel Dance videos to understand the basics of different styles of dance. Try list

Neel Goyal, works at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
Answered November 30, 2018
Dance is not a profession where you need a degree to be able to do it. Dance is not even a hobby- it’s an emotion. A positive emotion that helps you connect with who you truly are. So, yes it is very much possible to learn dancing without attending dance classes.

You wanna learn how to dance? Just open any dance video and follow their moves. You can also maybe make up your own dance moves – your way of expressing yourself- your own dance form! After all, dance is a way of expressing emotions through our body movements 🙂

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Elena Harnos, Student at Economics
Answered April 6, 2018
OF COURSE! You just need to have WILL to learn! So firts thing is:

1.Choose the song that you like and that has a nice beat,something moving and inspirational. When you find a song listen to it a couple of times. Try to do something on your own even if it’s just slide to the left but try to fit the move with the song.

2.Then ofc you can watch dance videos for the song u have chosen and try to memorize at least one move.

3.MOTIVATION! That is very important,bc i know a lot of ppl who tried to dance and they gave up after 15 mins of practise. If u are determined to do that you CAN! get a feelin

Indra Neel, Writer
Answered February 9, 2017 · Author has 2K answers and 1.6M answer views
Hrithik Roshan’s back was broken as a young guy. He was told he may never walk. The rest is history.

You can too. Watch YouTube videos to get the practical and visual understanding. Wikipedia and dance oriented forums will help too in improving your knowledge about a particular form and/or specific movements within a particular form. I am a martial arts enthusiast and I love some of the YouTube videos demonstrating certain kicking styles which I like. So you can do the same with reference to dance. Download, observe, repeat/rehearse. Start with the simple ones then move ahead step by step.

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Kimi Kadian, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering & Dance, Sophia Secondary School,…
Answered June 1, 2019
Yes its definitely possible, if you have determination to learn you can.

Simply see video nd try to catch up with steps start with the basic hook steps of songs then go for the whole songs. Once you will gain confidence you will start doing your own variation to the songs.

And dance is all about fun perform for being happy and enjoy it as much as you can.

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Gautami Deuri, studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya
Answered May 1, 2018
Obviously yes, there’s no doubt . But to be a successful dancer without attending classes you really need to work hard . You need to stay positive and loyal to your passion. You have to increase your mental stability so as to deal with all those negative comments and thoughts from the people who will try to drag you down and you’ll surely meet these kinda people in your journey . You just have to work smartly and stay focused …

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Kris Rosvold, studied Dance at Marquette University
Answered August 12, 2018
Dance is the art of one of my favorite senses: touch, kinesthetics. What is more beautiful than learning to hold another person? to speak without words? They say nonverbal communication makes up 99% of our interactions, why shouldn’t we write poetry with it? (an example of gesture at the neck, is often associated with vulnerability, etc.)I believe some miracles can only be painted, some sung, some embodied like acting and so forth, and some— danced, without rhyme or reason.

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Muhammed Usman, Factory Worker
Answered Mon
Yes. You can learn how to dance really good with or without attending dance classes! All you need do is to download dance tutorial videos or dance tutorial apps and you can easily follow the dance moves nice and slowly, repeat the steps over and over again you will see good results in due time. Check out this really nice dance moves you can study on your own, R7 UrlShort


Eugéne Du Plessis, former Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor (2013-2016)
Answered August 31, 2018
Absolutely not! This coming from 25 years teaching experience. If you want to learn correctly & effienctly & cost effectively then you deff need to take classes, privates and or groups. How would you know your doing the correct steps or technique without anyone observing you. How would you know the feeling of a dance or movement without someone guiding you through it?

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Anna Bench
Answered January 21, 2018
Anyone can learn how to dance, it just takes time and dedication. You do not have to attend dance classes regularly to be a good dancer. In fact, some of the best dancers I know learned how to dance without being in a studio. There are YouTube videos and tutorials on how to dance. Dance will come overtime but don’t expect instant results. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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Tanya Dimri
Answered October 8
Hello friend i m a you tuber. My you tube id is – Tanya dimri. If i tell u that i have learned dancing by my own dont be shocked as when i was in 9 th class i used to dance 2–3 hour continously on the bollywood songs what i used to do was copy steps of hero heroin practise it throught…

So basically you can learn dance firstly by observing dance steps you can take my videos as reference and can deep observe my simole dance steps then try to practise it without music lastly when u have practised it enough u can dance on music it will definitely work


Rupesh Timsina, Civil Engineer (2019-present)
Answered January 24, 2017 · Author has 279 answers and 275.3K answer views
You want to learn dance without attending dance classes, no problem. I learned dancing without going to any classes but I was fond of dancing from the very early age. Just go through some videos or tutorials in YouTube or any other sites. You may find it a little difficult at the beginning but trust me, its very easy as you pick up the pace.

All the best.

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Devanshi Pandya, Kathak Visharad and a stage performer
Answered May 21, 2019
Although enrolling for a class is the best way to learn dancing but if that’s not an option you can always find numerous dance tutorials on YouTube.

Make sure you are strictly disciplined when learning to dance on your own. Follow a routine of lesson and practice and be patient as you make progress. Good luck!

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Hitesh Mohan, Dance Teacher / Choreographer at (2012-present)
Answered May 17, 2019
Hello, it’s only possible if you have passion of your dance , let me know how do you feel when you listen to the song or music first time ? If you are pure beginner you should definitely attend some classes or you can come through my channel on you tube – dance Asia plus or you can come to my academy once or twice a week or you can come on a video conference to learn some dance routine and basics too ….


Answered July 15
If you are good at learning dance tricks then you can learn it can easily get any dance form tutorials

But if it takes time or you are not good at picking tricks only thing is attending dance classes who can rectify you and tell at what you are learning wrong.

I tried making my own dance studio of my room by fixing mirror on one of wall with a music system. By practicing in front of mirror you can find the mistakes you are making . You can either do this by recording it too.


Mithinam Tatung, lives in Jollang Itanagar ,arunachal Pradesh,district Papum Pare ,pin Code 791113 (2000-present)
Answered June 24, 2018
Yes for sure … i am also a dancer i didn’t go to any dance class since from my childhood.Dance is something like catching up a beat or lyrics of a song and expressing it with your body moves .One can be a good dancer without any dance class but if someone has very difficulty in dancing ,like your body is not that flexible and cann’t flow with the music then you should definitely join a dance class.


Khushi Parekh, Teacher at Kalakunj
Answered May 9

It is not possible learning dance without going to dance class…if you choose to learn western , you can learn but when it comes to classical , you can only learn basics but for proper guidance and training you need to join a proper dance class.


Aakash Chincholkar, lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India
Answered February 8, 2017
No one can teach you dance better than music…:)

Learn music and you will learn dance.

Listen to more genres. Watch videos. Observe more. Do more Exercise. Learn about how your body responds. Because Dance is all about responding to music.

All the best.

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