Starting A Blog – Tools You Can Use in Your Internet Marketing Business

Blogging is considered by many as one of the most popular daily activities people do when they connect to the Internet. A study found out that there are 75,000 blogs which are currently active and there are about 1.2 million blog updates every single day. For this reason, you see more blogging tools introduced to help you, as an internet marketer with making your blogging experience easier and efficient. Each tool metro blog online is specifically created to cater the needs of bloggers around the world who blog for different purposes. Some blog to earn money, others use blogs as an online diary while others blog to keep people informed with current events, news, etc. When you search for blog tools, you see a lot of them and you may even confuse one tool with the others. Thus, to avoid confusion, blogging tools are grouped into 4 main categories: blog publishing tools, blog reading tools, blog searching tools, and the blog toolbox.

Blog publishing tools

Because these tools are broad, they can still be sub-divided into 3 categories:

1. Do-it-yoursef blogging platforms

2. Accessory publishing tools

3. Online blog services. These services are the ones which provide blog engine for bloggers. Blog engines are needed before you can start blogging or hosting.

Below are the basic publishing tools:

o Blogger. Blogger, one of Google’s products is one of the oldest blogging services to exist and has been able to influence a lot of people to become bloggers. An advantage of Blogger is that it is incorporated with Google AdSense so that makes earning money easier.

o TypePad. Is the biggest blogging service which requires its members to pay before they can subscribe.

o Is considered as a blogging service newcomer. It uses a blogging engine called WordPress and it is through this tool that it gained popularity.

o Xanga. A huge blog-network. It offers a lot of exceptional community features such as metros, blog rings, and a reliable system for social networking profile.

o MSN Spaces. Also a newcomer.

o Movable Type. This blogging service is powering TypePad. With TypePad, you get the advantage f having advanced configuration, flexibility, and a full control on managing your blog.

o Radio Userland. Is one of the oldest systems in content management normally used by people who are considered as pioneer bloggers. It offers solid RSS features.

o Bloglet and W. Bloggar. Are known as two of the most excellent blog publishing tools to ever exist plus, they’re free. They support almost every blogging platform, include editing in rich text, and a saving feature which allows the blogger to save drafts even during offline.

Blog reading tools

Blog reading tools include Atom/RSS aggregators along with all RSS tools. These include:

o My Yahoo. A reliable tool but still lacks well-developed features.

o Google Reader. Provides a user interface which is AJAX-driven. Its best feature allows bloggers to add aggregated content.

o Bloglines. Is one of the most commonly used web based RSS reader. It allows the use of an interface in conventional two-frame reading and subscriptions to be categorized into folders.

Blog search tools

These are tools bloggers use in searching for information and blogs from other people who have active topics being discussed. Here are examples of these type of tools:

o Technorati. Is an excellent blog search engine and is indexing more than 49.4 millions of web-based blogs.



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