Freight Forwarding in Holland – The Transport Infrastructure Underpinning Growth

Holland is hugely important as a European centre for freight forwarding and much of that is down to the excellence of its transport infrastructure.

Rotterdam is the third largest port in the world as well as the largest in Europe and Amsterdam is the third largest airport in Europe as well.

The IMD Competitiveness Index took this into full account when it ranked the Netherlands ahead of its competitors for freight forwarding and logistics. The World Bank has also ranked the Netherland second in Global Logistics performance out of 150 countries.

Holland’s location as a natural gateway to Europe gives its freight companies easy access to markets in the UK and Germany. Meanwhile, its flat geography and excellent river connections mean that there is a highly efficient system of roads, rail and waterways.

Rotterdam is completely equipped to handle the high volume of imports and exports that go through the port on a daily basis. There is a programme of continuous development which keeps it at the forefront of freight services, including the ongoing construction of Maaslakte 2. 30,000 ships from around the world arrive at Rotterdam each year and the port relies on state of the art technology to maintain a steady distribution network for freight forwarding.There are 500 schedules sailings each week, connecting Rotterdam with over 1000 ports worldwide.

With three deepwater ports in close proximity to each other, it is no wonder that Holland’s ports dominate international freight by sea in Europe. Between them, they move nearly 500 million metric tons every year.

Zeeland seaport (Flushing/ Terneuzen) handles around 33 million metric tons of freight each year and its 4,400 hectare site hosts 250 companies. Zeeland has an excellent strategic position on the estuary of the Scheldt river, between Rotterdam and Antwerp with an open connection to the North Sea, making it very popular with freight companies and shipping companies.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam is Europe’s largest seaport and handles around 18 million metric tons of freight services each year. Ro-ro business has been growing fast in Amsterdam.

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