Las Vegas’ Best Grand Canyon Motor Coach Trips

If you’re one of the millions of people who vacation in Vegas, a Grand Canyon bus tour might be the perfect getaway from Sin City’s glitz and glamour. Motor coach trips head for the canyon every day of the year, and depending on the season and your physical condition, they can be expanded to include several terrific activities. Plus, bus tours give you a great way to relax and enjoy the journey to and from the National Park.


Vegas travelers have several options when it comes to Grand Canyon bus tours. Many tours are all-inclusive and come with free Strip hotel pickup and drop-off. Some of the other Vegas hotels offer a free hotel shuttle that transports tour passengers to their departure point. Some hotels may even offer discounts on tour packages as a perk for their guests.

Located on land owned by Hualapai Native Americans, the West Rim is the most popular part of the canyon with Vegas vacationers. Most motor coach trips stop along the way at Hoover Dam for a quick photo-op. West Rim highlights include Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk and Hualapai Ranch. Some tour packages take you on a smooth-water rafting trip down the Colorado.

Like West Rim motor coach trips, Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas to the South Rim stop briefly at Hoover Dam. A portion of the route runs on fabled Route 66. Highlights at the South Rim itself include Mather Point, Yavapai Point, a new Visitor’s Center, Bright Angel Lodge and Grand Canyon Village (that’s where you’ll find interesting museums and gift shops).

How Big?

The Grand Canyon is one of the most remarkable places on the planet. Its size is staggering – 277 miles long, more than a mile deep, and up to 18 miles wide. The canyon’s designation as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World makes it a proud member of a very exclusive club. You’ve probably seen photos of the Grand Canyon, and yes, they’re beautiful. But the only way you can truly appreciate its jaw-dropping beauty is by seeing it in person.

The buses used for these tours are safe and comfortable. The climate control is effective, the windows are designed for sightseeing, and the seats are spacious and comfy. All drivers are trained, experienced professionals. Besides driving your bus, your driver will share interesting tidbits of info about the sights you’re passing.

You can book a standard bus tour package, or you can pop for an optional extension to make your visit even better. I’ve already mentioned the eos-tour optional rafting trip, but hiking along the rim trails is another possibility.


A Grand Canyon motor coach tour could be the perfect change of pace from the constant hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Most people are speechless the first time they see the magnificent canyon vistas spreading out before them. I’ve been there many times, and I still can’t find the words to do it justice and describe the Grand Canyon adequately – you’ll just have to go there to see what it’s really like.


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