Learn To Speak Spanish Today

I know you. You have been thinking about learning Spanish for… well it’s been while now. I know. “It’s too hard.” “I don’t have time” “It will take to long.” “I took Spanish in high school and learned zip.” If it is not one of these excuses then it is another one. Well, it’s time to stop the excuses and start learning Spanish. Here are a few tips.

1) Just do it. Yeah I know a Nike shoe slogan, but it fits here. Sign up for classes at your local community college, or choose one of the quality learn-at-home products out there.

2) Get a pen pal from a Spanish speaking country, and exchange email and instant messages with this person. This will help you practice readingĀ  Spanish Magazine and writing Spanish. If you need help finding a pen pal then go to language forums on wordrefence.com. You will most likely find on there.

3) Start reading Spanish books, magazines, or newspapers. I know here in California you can find all of these resources in your local public library, but if for some reason you can’t find these at your library, I know you can get books in Spanish from online bookstores like Amazon.com. There are also many websites in Spanish on the web that you can read for free. They are not hard to find. Just enter a Spanish word or phrase into Google and it will give you tons of websites in Spanish.

4) Start watching Spanish television or movies. This will help with your listening skills. Most cable and satellite providers have both Telemundo & Univison on their programming. You can also rent a variety of Spanish movies from Netflix.

5) Practice speaking Spanish with a partner. Force yourself to speak Spanish. If you can, try to find somebody who is bilingual, so they can help you with your mistakes. Yes, you will make some mistakes, but those mistakes are part of the learning process.

6) Stay Motivated. Remember learning a second language is an achievement, so stay focused on your goals.

7) Finally, and this is most important, make it fun. If it is a fun rather that a chore it will help you stay motivated and learn at a faster pace.

Hopefully with these tips, you will be on your way to learning Spanish. Good luck or buena suerte.

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