Metro Fiber for High Speed Data Transmission

A newer technology, metro fibers enable high-speed internet connectivity and data transfer among computers located in a big metropolitan area. Using the optic fiber technology, these networks transmit data in the form of light signals.

In this age of speed and technology when we are constantly looking for faster connectivity and better access, metro fiber provides high-speed network connections among computers across a large metropolitan area. It is a data transmission technology which enables data transportation among computers located at far corners of a city with the ease and fluency of data transportation between computers located in the same building. A high speed broadband connection, with metro fibers even users far across from each other can be on the same network.

An optical fiber network, metro fiber provides high speed data transmission in the form of light pulse signals. As the name suggests, they are typically used to make network connections in a large metropolitan covering an area of Metro Blog Online approximately 100 km. But signals can also be transmitted across a range of 200 km over these networks.

The metro fiber technology is especially useful for connecting offices and enterprises in a large area. It provides high-speed broadband connections. A revolutionary technology, these fibers benefit business houses and corporate set ups more than they benefit individual users. With more and more people accessing the internet for a variety of purposes, the traffic often increases so much that it completely collapses a network. But in case of a metro-fiber network, a single network joins all the users, which is connected to a larger network, which is in turn joined to a single large network.

Ideal for big businesses, metro fibers meet the bulk data transmission and high-speed connectivity needs of an office. With data transfers, multimedia transfers, video conferences, it makes connecting with clients across the globe easier for businesses, leading to increased productivity and growth. Being a circular shaped network, any failure or disruption in the network can easily be detected and the traffic can be re-routed via the other direction, thus preventing any interruption in accessing the internet and allowing constant connectivity.

In a metro fiber network, the buildings that are connected by the network are known as ‘on-net’ or ‘lit’ buildings. It often happens that these network providers have unused fibers called dark fibers. These dark fibers are leased out to companies for establishing their own optic fiber network connections. Thus, large business houses can lease out their network connections to smaller companies. Having speeds from 155 Mbps to 10 Gbps, these fibers provide cost-effective, flexible and high speed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network solutions.



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