4 reasons why the Netherlands is the best place

As per the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands comes top for the best spot to live for expat families in 2018. It’s actually nothing unexpected in a nation with an incredible economy, extraordinary childcare, extraordinary medical services, incredible training framework, magnificent English and a day to day existence spinning around trekking. (Alright, OK, I’ll quit bigging up the Netherlands now).

No, yet truly, why precisely is the Netherlands the highest point of the best places to live for expat families?

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands When You Travel Again

#1 Children’s prosperity and wellbeing

The Netherlands is at the highest point of its game with regards to kids’ prosperity and wellbeing – settling on the Netherlands an undeniable decision.

Truth be told, as per a UNICEF report, in 2013 Dutch youngsters were positioned the most joyful of all. It seems like even in 2018, the Dutch have probably the most joyful offspring of all. Why? As a result of those things I’m going to discuss. Also the cheddar, all the blossoms, the trekking and the incomparable Dutch landscape.

#2 Education framework

The Netherlands is presently top for expat families due to its schooling framework. The Netherlands has remarkable instruction framework, which is made significantly simpler for expat families because of the simplicity of incorporating a youngster into these frameworks.

This is particularly so if your youngster communicates in English. The nature of learning is likewise fantastic – most youngsters do well in Dutch schools. A dreadful parcel of kids at that point proceed to go to college and are exceptionally qualified.

best spot to live for expat families  groepsuitjes Noord-Holland

Outstanding amongst other instruction frameworks!

#3 Affordability of childcare

Childcare in the Netherlands is viewed as being entirely reasonable. Particularly corresponding to different nations. Dutch youngster advantage and youth remittance imply that individuals have reasonable childcare, particularly when working or concentrating inside the Netherlands.

This additionally goes for expats as well. So have confidence you can take your youngsters to the Netherlands, actually work and have some cash left toward its finish (in contrast to certain spots)!

#4 Easy to settle – best non-local speakers

in the event that you are local English or communicate in English, you’re in karma. The Dutch are the best non-local speakers of English. As unassuming as they seem to be, it’s difficult to battle to get comfortable the Netherlands on the grounds that the language obstruction is little in contrast with different nations for expats.

This at that point makes it simpler to make sure about positions, incorporate kids into school and when all is said in done all through the beginning of your life in NL. It’s unquestionably a ton less unpleasant thus, so it’s a conspicuous decision to go.

For what reason do you think the Netherlands is the best spot to live for expat families? Tell us your considerations or individual involvement with the remarks! Additionally, remember to join our Facebook gathering in the event that you like what we post 😉

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A natural face at DutchRevew. Emma showed up in Holland in 2016 for half a month, experienced passionate feelings for the spot and never left. Here she revived her affection for composing and voyaging. Presently you’ll discover her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


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Avatar4 reasons why the Netherlands is the best spot to live for Expat families • Bureau Zwart Wit March 24, 2018 At 13:03

[… ] (Okay, OK, I’ll quit bigging up the Netherlands now). No, however genuinely, why precisely is the Netherlands the highest point of the best places to live for expat families? Keep perusing … [… ]


Avatarcasandra April 26, 2018 At 19:56

Netherlands: coordinated nation, security in being paid an annuity or no private benefits or government benefits failing . Amazing wellbeing administration as EVERYONE has medical coverage.

Social assistance and administrations are unbelievable coordinated , I have been living here for year and a half and still I am in stunningness of the lifestyle. No pressure, cash is significant yet not the primary things in the individuals’ lives.


Avatarirene clardy June 21, 2019 At 20:56

The Netherlands is a fantastic nation to live. In spite of the colder time of year climate, I was amazingly glad and safe. Also, the individuals, galleries and culture is superb. Presently I comprehend why my granddad and mom were so cherishing and brilliant. The Netherlands have brilliant individuals which makes a decent and solid nation. I love you Netherlands!


AvatarBill Starling September 29, 2019 At 09:53

I believe it’s a major advantage to have relative portrayal races. It stops you getting secured in a ‘first past the post’ two gathering framework which viably keeps more modest gatherings out and can prompt such an obfuscate right now directly into the great beyond from Scheveninghen – not a decent reason for a glad

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