Choosing the Best Chesapeake, Virginia Neighborhood

Of the seven cities that comprise the metropolitan Hampton Roads area, Chesapeake is one of the largest in terms of land area and population. Homeowners have come to view the city as an ideal place to live for its geography and proximity to the Atlantic coast. Here one can enjoy the access to the beaches and attractions available in Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, yet remain distant enough from tourist traffic. Affordable homes and condos are available in the city, convenient to good schools and shopping. Depending on where you live, you need not worry about a rough commute to work. If you plan to move to the Hampton Roads area, Chesapeake is worth a tour for potential homes – you just need to find the right neighborhood.

In Virginia, Chesapeake borders Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. The southern part of the city also borders parts of North Carolina. Visitors to Chesapeake will find that the land is quite diverse – it is home to the Great Dismal Swap and surrounding wetlands, yet also houses recent developments to attract new residents. The city is a hybrid of urban growth and natural beauty, allowing home buyers to choose between living in the thick of the city or settling in a quiet home on the countryside.

Chesapeake is divided into six boroughs: South Norfolk, Pleasant Grove, Western Branch, Deep Creek, Washington, and Butts Road. Within these Seven Cities Virginia boroughs, a number of communities define the residential and commercial diversity of the city, and provide different opportunities for people searching for homes. Potential neighborhoods may include:

Greenbrier: Locals know Greenbrier more as a shopping hub and commerce center. However, there are homes and condos in the area worth touring, especially if you work for the major corporations that have headquarters in town.

Great Bridge: This area of Chesapeake holds special historical interest as a Revolutionary War-era battle site. Today home buyers seek residence in this area, which is known for outstanding school athletic programs.

Deep Creek: Situated along US 17, the Deep Creek area borders the wildlife refuge of the Great Dismal Swamp area. Residents here enjoy the rural setting and natural beauty of the community.

For potential home buyers seeking an affordable place to live in Hampton Roads, Chesapeake offers variety and comfort. Wherever you choose to live, you are close to upscale shopping and dining, day trips to Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks, and friendly neighbors.



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