Pollen Allergies – Will an Air Purifier Help?

The Misery Of Allergies

As a little youngster I was one of the children who needed to remain inside to dodge the wretchedness that accompanied wheezing, sneezing and asthma which came from dust, grass and leaves. Week by week shots at the allergist and prescriptions were a week by week schedule. Furthermore, despite the fact that I was just age 11 (1969) I started to explore different avenues regarding air purifiers and air cleaners, all things considered. At the point when you can’t inhale you’ll do anything for alleviation.

Here are the essential sorts of air cleansing, with a fast summary on their adequacy for dust sensitivities.


My initially was an air ionizer, negative particle generator to be more exact. Bravo types of mold, contamination, and smell, yet not excellent for dust or residue since there isn’t anything to gather the dust noticeable all around. RATING FOR ALLERGIES: POOR

Ozone Machines

Ozone generators were my next analysis. Useful for scent, form, and buildup, yet again bad for social affair dust a lot. An excessive amount of ozone will disturb the lungs, particularly in asthmatics. Ozone machines did little for sensitivities. The present essential Ozone brand is Ecoquest (in the past Alpine). RATING FOR ALLERGIES: POOR

Electrostatic Plates or “Truman Cells”

My next was an electrostatic machine with positive and contrarily charged plates. Oreck considers it a “Truman Cell” ( for Harry Truman during WWII is everything we can figure) yet they’re everywhere available and regularly called “ionic” or “electrostatic”. Useful for contamination since carbon from vehicle exhaust is charged, and they’re washeable. Since most dust constantly conveys little charge anyway they are not viable for dust or residue RATING FOR ALLERGIES: POOR

Carbon or potentially Zeolite

These kind of air purifiers are basically for smoke, synthetic compounds, smells and vapor since these natural minerals assimilate and trap gases. In any case, they don’t trap residue and dust. RATING FOR ALLERGIES: POOR


HEPA is the best option for dust sensitivities since it traps and holds dust constantly. Specialists and Allergists suggest it most. The drawback is you need to supplant it consistently. So ensure you find moderate substitution channels as certain organizations can splash many a you own their Hepa air purifier. I would stay away from the costly ($500-800) air purifiers like IQAIR and Austin Air which are essentially HEPA. They’re only too over-evaluated for a HEPA channel, and despite the fact that they are all around created you can locate a similar ones for under $300. http://luft-ionisator.de/ RATING FOR ALLERGIES: EXCELLENT


So while HEPA is the essential technique for air decontamination for dust sensitivities and asthma today you can discover moderate air purifiers that utilization various advancements including HEPA. The explanation you need more than HEPA is that contamination, shape, buildup and different foreign substances (other than dust a lot) all weight your invulnerable framework and can aggravate dust. Mostly secret brands like AliveAir and Airpodcleaner utilize a huge HEPA channel in addition to 8 different advancements including Electrostatic, Carbon, UV (to murder shape and mold) securing your body and making cleaner, cleaner air. A portion of these models additionally utilize progressed dust a lot sensors which identify dust constantly levels and change the purging appropriately.

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