It’s Time to Hit Back, Hard and Keep Hitting

Lt Cdr Kapish Muwal and Lt Manoranjan Kumar were two bravehearts who toiled for four years at the Naval College of Engineering, Lonavla to earn their hard earned Presidents’s Commission. They were bright sparks and excelled in academics and military training. I can tell this with the utmost confidence because both these bravehearts were my trainees when I was posted at the Naval College of Engineering, Lonavla.

Having worn the uniform for ten years, Submarine Leadership I feel that it is my duty to share my thoughts, now that I m retired and my freedom to speech and press has been restored.

In the Armed Forces we are always taught to put “Service Before Self” and our bravehearts have done this time and again. We are also taught to obey orders. Disobeying orders is mutiny which is the worst possible offence men in uniform can commit. This becomes very critical because someone who gives the order has to be equally committed and capable. Time and again our military leadership has set great examples which has been reiterated by Admiral DK Joshi with his resignation.

However our Senior leadership need to understand that the bereaucrats at Ministry of Defence or the Defence Minister are neither committed nor capable. It is always “Self Before Service” for them. It is time for the senior leadership to hit back at the ministry and get the message across strongly that they will face the music if they do not heed to the requirements of the Navy. Adm Joshi has started the process and it is now the responsibility of our VCNS and Cs-in-C to stand by Adm Joshi rather than get themselves entangled in the race for the top post.

The ex-servicemen are always there to stand by our brothers in trying times. It is high time that Defence Procurement becomes the responsibility of personnel qualified to buy and use them rather than at the hands of babus who have no clue on how crucial these procurements can prove to be.

Taking the case of Sindurathna, a file for procurement of Submrine batteries would be languishing in MoD for approval. How can a bereaucrat who has seen batteries being used in cars, UPS, Inverters, trucks etc. ever imagine that expired batteries can prove to be fatal in a Submarine. This is the sad state of affairs.

Its high time that the senior military leadership assert themselves on the Government and become more aggressive towards the bereaucrats. They should device mecahnisms where in all critical procurement happen on time. They should create an environment that a babu should feel scared to sit on a file or deny the forces their due.

I’m sure the day this happens and the honour of the soldier is restored we would not lose more Kapil’s and Manoranjan’s to red tapism. Come on Navy Hit now, hit hard and keep hitting.



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