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Doctors throughout the United States are constantly searching for new ways to market their businesses. In the past, physicians used traditional offline marketing strategies such as television, radio, newspaper, trade magazine, or billboard ads. Today, doctors can rely on companies such as Einstein Industries to help them set up or improve upon an existing Internet marketing strategy.

Search engine marketing companies do not just produce website builds and designs for clients. They offer a suite of products designed to increase physicians customer base.

Search Engine Optimization
Products such as search engine optimization, or SEO, can be used to help website get found for targeted keywords searches. highlandvillagechiropractic For example, if you were a LASIK surgeon practicing in Seattle, you would want to be found in Google and Yahoo’s results pages for the keyword “Seattle lasik.” The search engines have established guidelines for webmasters seeking to improve their keyword rankings; this can include use of strategic page titles on all web pages, links to your website from other websites, and proper domain configuration.

Internet companies also offer PPC, or pay-per-click services. Physicians can hire a company to purchase ads on Google and Yahoo for focused keywords relating to your business. You are then charged a fee every time a user clicks on your ad.

Social Media Optimization
Another marketing product Internet companies are offering is called social media optimization (SMO). While SEO is designed to improve rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL Search, SMO is designed to take advantage of traffic garnered by existing websites such as Stumble Upon, Yahoo Answers, and Propeller. SMO tactics include involvement in these online communities to send traffic to your site, and, as a possible side effect, to gain links to your website.

If you are a doctor interested in finding new patients, online marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers. Contact a search engine marketing company such as Einstein Industries to find out how you can start or improve upon your web strategy.

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