Balkinization (blog)

Balkinization is a law blog zeroed in on protected, First Amendment, and other common freedoms issues. The weblog was made on January 13, 2003[1] by Jack Balkin,[2] an educator of U.S. sacred law at Yale Law School. Building websites for lawyers

Balkinization has been reproachful of the Bush Administration’s record on common freedoms issues in the Global War on Terror following 9/11. As of June 2017, the weblog has had around 11 million guests since its creation.[3]

Outstanding donors

Prominent givers include:

Ian Ayres

Stephen Griffin

Andrew Koppelman

Marty Lederman

Sanford Levinson

Gerard Magliocca

Rick Pildes

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“Balkinization Blog Celebrates Fifth Anniversary”. Yale Law School. January 14, 2008.

Richard Davis (11 August 2014). Covering the United States Supreme Court in the Digital Age. Cambridge University Press. pp. 73–. ISBN 978-1-107-05245-1.

“Balkinization”. SiteMeter.

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