6 Ways to Make a Better Espresso

You might be the kind of coffee nut that experiences the espresso from a commercial machine made by a trained barista, on a habitual basis. A wonderful master espresso machine will no doubt be the machine of choice for most quality expresso shops. Additionally, you’ll normally find that the barista has a recognized qualification.

So when the dedicated coffee drinker returns home and tries to make their own cup of espresso, the results are not surprisingly middling underwhelming.

However, with a little industriousness, patience and the proper equipment, it’s feasible to get very near to that perfect espresso shot even in your own home.

Let’s look at the six main ingredients in extracting a decent espresso at home.

1) Make sure the coffee is stored suitably. Ideally, the perfect surroundings will be dark, dry and around 37 degrees Celsius, about room temperature. Rather than plastic and metal containers, use a clay or china jar. To keep the flavor intact, avoid putting coffee in the deep-freeze or even the fridge just to make it last longer.

2) Don’t try to make your coffee last too long. If you can, use up the coffee after 7 or 8 days. A good idea is to purchase small bags or tins of coffee. After 10 days, the coffee will start to lose it’s freshness and the flavour will suffer.

3) Invest in a decent home espresso machine. These days, the market is full of decent espresso makers. From top of the range machines for thousands of dollars like the Saeco 21103 Royal professional espresso machine to the slightly less flamboyant Gaggia Evolution espresso machine buyers have a smashing choice of excellent machines for executing the best espresso extraction possible.


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