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North Colorado Medical Center is the essential clinical office for Weld County. The medical clinic opened in 1904 as the Greeley Hospital. The name of the office developed over the course of the years to Weld County General Hospital and that turned out to be North Colorado Medical Center. The Center is worked by Banner Health-based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The clinic as of late extended its offices and added another option which extended its trauma center and expanded the measure of rooms accessible for patients in different offices.  cbddy

On June 23, 2011, Poudre Valley Health Systems and the University of Colorado Medical School declared a forthcoming joint activities understanding. Whenever endorsed, it would overwhelm NCMC as the biggest territorial medical clinic in Northern Colorado. In 2010, Greeley Medical Clinic, the biggest and most seasoned clinical gathering in Greeley reported it was affiliating with PVHS.[31]

Poudre Valley Health Systems converged with University of Colorado Health in 2011 bringing about as good as ever medical care offices all around Colorado. A pristine 153,300 foot emergency clinic in West Greeley is set to open in Spring of 2019.[32] The UCH office will give Greeley inhabitants an extra alternative for inpatient medical care benefits as opposed to just NCMC and is strategically placed off of Highway 34.


Since 2006, the Greeley Police Department has gotten more than $2.3 million of strategic military hardware from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) including a “mine safe vehicle”, 72 5.56 mm rifles, 22 silencers, and 15 sniperscopes. Before 2014, when the data was unveiled by the DoD because of public investigation over far and wide police militarization in the United States, the program subtleties had been firmly protected and little data had been delivered during the past 20 years.[33]


Principle article: Media in Greeley, Colorado


Public transportation in Greeley is given by Greeley-Evans Transit (GET), which works seven neighborhood transport courses across Greeley.[34] Since January 2, 2020, GET works a local transport administration called the Poudre Express which interfaces Greeley to Fort Collins and Windsor. Express Arrow likewise works transports to Denver and Buffalo halting at numerous different urban communities en route.

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