Simple and Effective Ways of Writing a Powerful Headline

Headlines play a vital role in attracting traffic. Be it a media release, website content, Twitter caption, or an email to journalists, it is essential to craft a headline that would instantly grab attention of the reader. In fact, even search engines place importance on the content displayed at the top of the page. News aggregators often show the caption of the content as a link followed by a sentence, from which the reader decides whether he/she wants to read the full story. Listed below are a few techniques that would help in crafting a strong headline in brochures, social media sites, emails, media releases, RSS feeds, and all other forms of marketing communication:

Ideal length

Experts recommend that the ideal length of a headline should be a maximum of 90 to 120 characters. For tweeting, it is advisable to write captions of about 55 characters including spaces. This is primarily because most readers don’t have the time or patience to read the full text. Keeping the headline short will help in attracting the potential readers.

SEO friendly

Since search engines focus on the content which appears at the top of the web page, hence it is imperative to include the most important keywords at the beginning of the heading itself. Ideally, one may incorporate the primary keywords in the first 65 characters of the headline to ensure good search engine rankings. However, one should be cautious not to indulge in keyword stuffing, as this may hamper the brand value and attract penalty.

Focus on the key message

While drafting a caption, one should highlight the key sobitech message up front. One should always remember that readers scan the text, instead of actually reading it, and if they do not see any compelling content in the heading, they would not proceed to read the full article. There are several ways of conveying the message, such as, including a news angle, asking a question, listing numbers, giving a directive, incorporating a testimonial, and many more. Further, one should also make sure that the caption is unique and useful. It should also portray a sense of urgency and should contain unambiguous language. One may also incorporate a sub-heading to provide more information about the news/product/service.

One should bear in mind that readers are often overloaded with chunks of information, and hence, they have a tendency to filter out the details that don’t correspond to their immediate needs & wants. For more tips & guidance on creating attractive captions for search engines & social interaction, one may get in touch with a reliable PR agency specializing in online marketing & branding activities.

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