What Social Networking Should Have Been?

Recently, a lot of people have been feeling the pain that is social networking. By pain, I am referring to losing many freedoms that come with having a social networking profile.

Let’s take for instance the average social networking website, you signup, make a profile, add some friends (people you may or may not even know), and then you are connected to this huge community (schools, cities, sometimes the entire network).

This information is all logged in most social networking cheaphostingforum websites, thanks to web crawlers, advertisers, and many other spammers. Your own social being is threatened, and your privacy is threatened as well. Can you escape the grasp of a social network after you leave it? In most cases, it is more difficult than you think.

Not to mention the flaws of identity theft in social networking, picture stealing, and all kinds of other serious flaws with social networking.

I too have had a less than pleasant experience involving social networking involving people stalking me, and the deletion of an account that never actually really got deleted, also, the constant influx of seriously disturbing messages and random rants of people you care less about.

I have been involved with several social networking sites personally, as a user, and I have to admit that most of them are less than par.

What should social networking be? I have worked to try and figure out a system that would be an optimum system of social networking, and it does fall quite a bit away from the current spectrum of social networking.

Social Networks: In the past they have always been developer created. You were either forced into a group, that may not fit your best interests or you were placed in a network that wasn’t verifiably something that you wanted to be part of.

I mean do you really care that you can chat with a million people that you will never be involved in? I didn’t think so.

What they should have been? A complete user defined network, where the person creates/joins a network of their friends/acquaintances, and your friends will invite their friends, and it would grow from there, so you would mainly be talking with/communicating with ‘trusted’ individuals that are friends of friends, or people with some relation to you through friends.

Meeting random people off the internet is not what many people are about, and if people are looking to do that, then there are thousands of other sites were you can do exactly that.

The following is a great example of what I am talking about: [http://epicka.com/how.html]

Preferences: Most current dating/networking sites leave a lot of security unaccounted for. They let your profile visible to be logged by bots (record everything about you for search/advertising purposes) logged by advertisers, logged by spammers, and in many cases: direct spam directly through your profile. This isn’t good. Having to worry about possibly getting spammed and your privacy threatened. This wasn’t what I signed up for when I signed up for social networking.

This is your life we are talking about and the security of your profile and everything to do with the profile should be completely in regards to you. You shouldn’t be told what you can/can’t share, what you can/can’t add, and it should be as completely open or closed as you want it to be.

It is your social network, so you should be able to make it your network.

Features: Right now there are quite a few strict things that you can do on a social networking, and it is pretty much limited to a few things. You can do the following on almost every social network:

* mail people

* post comments

* post pictures

* chat in forums

* chat

That’s basically the most that I have found of use on social networking, all other features: blogging, playing games, posting bulletins, posting in classifieds.

I have found much better places that I can do all of these things, but the thing is when I social network, I can’t really ‘share’ what I am looking to share with my friends because too many random people will have access to the things that I want to keep private from others.

After researching and doing a lot of digging, I have been developing a site that implements all these features that I have found that are really significantly needed in a social networking site. I am working to develop not only these things, but a ton of other things that you can do with your social network, which includes just a hint of what I am thinking of developing:

* File sharing with friends.

* Your music sharing with friends. Your music. Your movies. (Think video sharing on a closed network for just you and your friends, and also having your bands music posted for your friends)

* Info Exchange, working on projects for high school, college, university, work, life, and want your friends input on what you should do, they can help you and you can help them through the network to conspire and get amazing grades.



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