Changing Conditioned Thinking

Although you may not realize it, you could be responsible for conditioning your thinking, emotions and behavior in very negative ways that are toxic and certainly don’t help you achieve a healthy state of mind. If, for example you have told yourself any of the following and you have conditioned yourself to believe what you westernbranchchiropractor tell yourself, you may want to read on.

· I am fat

· I am ugly

· I am stupid

· I am unlovable

· I will always suffer from depression

· I will never stop my panic attacks

· I can’t make a success of myself

· I am not worthy of love

· I am a failure

Repeatedly telling yourself any of the above as well as believing it, is a bad place to find yourself in. Why? This is so because you are unknowingly reinforcing your distorted beliefs about yourself. When you allow conditioned thinking to take over and dictate what is and is not fact, you are in trouble. Conditioned thinking is toxic. It is toxic because it doesn’t think. It simply reacts and repeats itself and so becomes conditioned in your mind as though it were true and fact. There is little “real” thinking in conditioned thinking, just conditioning.

If we are told the world is square enough times and if we don’t bother to find out for ourselves whether this is fact or not, we will believe it because the whole world has been conditioned to believe the same thing. The whole world believes it, so it must be true!! Here it’s the same idea. You will believe what you tell yourself even if and when it is not valid. Unless you learn to question, assess and test what it is you are conditioned to tell yourself, your conditioned mind will never change and you will continue believing what you automatically tell yourself.

The problem with conditioned thinking (thoughts we have unconsciously conditioned ourselves to believe) is that for the most part these thoughts do not represent reality. Once you are locked into conditioned thinking you become stuck with it, with no room for change. If there is no room for change, how do you move forward in an effective way? How do you change what is damaging you? You can’t, and for this reason it is not only necessary to recognize your own conditioning, but also to give yourself the opportunity for change by questioning, challenging and assessing what you think is true.

You can see many examples if you look closely enough, and you will recognize how you yourself repeatedly plant conditioned negative thoughts into your own head. In fact we all do this so often, we don’t even think about what it is we are telling ourselves. We simply repeat the same mantra’s we have taught ourselves over time. We become conditioned to do so. Others might do the same to themselves and to us because they are also conditioned in their thinking and in their lives that they don’t stop to think consciously.

This is all well and good if what you are telling yourself is actually valid. The problem with conditioned negative thinking is that it isn’t valid in most cases. Conditioned thinking simply damages us emotionally and mentally, so better undo it right now.

You may have told yourself a million times over that you are stupid, perhaps due to a past experience that left a scar or left you questioning yourself. However, what might once have been an experience of supposed “failure” (whatever that means) may not be valid for your life today. You may have “failed” at something once, but you now take this fear of “failure” with you every time you have a challenge. You have pre-programmed yourself that you are a failure and that you will always fail. You have set yourself up to fail because of your conditioned mind.


Now what if you start to question, examine and test these conditioned thoughts more consciously, what would you find? Take the following:

1. I am stupid: Have you really and consciously thought about whether you are stupid or not? Have you tested it? Can you see flaws in your thinking where you simply (and without thinking) tell yourself and accept that you are stupid because of an experience you had many years ago? (By the way, you can apply this question to any negative conditioned thought or belief you hold about yourself, other or the world around you) You need to find out what is valid for today and in your life today and what is not.

2. I will always suffer from depression: Have you consciously thought about whether there is something you can consciously and actively do to combat your depression? If your depression is chemically based, you might need meds plus CBT. If your depression is reactive depression, you can gain the tools to help yourself overcome your depression. Have you simply accepted your conditioned thoughts without asking the right and conscious questions? Are you now more driven to help yourself than ever before and are you now determined to succeed?

3. Anxiety: The same as above, but this time it’s about anxiety states. Do you simply believe you will always suffer from panic attacks or high anxiety? If yes, why do you think that? Is it because you are now well and truly conditioned to believe what your negative thoughts are telling you about yourself? Have you conditioned yourself to believe what you tell yourself? Have you tested it? If not, you need to test it and see whether it’s time to change.

Once you begin to recognize that you’ve been sort of asleep with your thoughts, you are heading in the right direction. When you arrive at this point, you will also see the need to make some drastic changes within your thinking patterns. What I mean is that once you start to see just how blindly you allow your conditioned mind to dictate to you how and what to think you are on the right path at last.

Recognizing that much of your negative thinking comes from a place of conditioning and that much of your current conditioned thinking is in fact “flawed thinking,” gives you a head start to make changes. Once you know all this, you have an opportunity to think about what it is you need to put in place for the change you want to actually happen.

You can learn how to undo your conditioned thinking in the self help program on my website You can learn how to recognize conditioned thinking, how to question, test, assess and change it from toxic to healthy, you just need to learn how.


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