10 Undervalued Players in the MLB Today

10. Martin Prado UTL (Atlanta Braves)

Prado, 28, has been a member of the Braves since 2006, and has remained on the squad mainly because of his versatility. Prado, who can cover every spot in the infield (minus catcher), and the outfield, also provides a solid hitting option as well. He’s been a good fit in the Atlanta lineup getting on base, producing runs, and averaging about a dozen homers a year. Prado, (.314AVG. 3HR, 21RBI), is a Tribe favorite and helps set up for a team full of power.

9. Luke Scott (Tampa Bay Rays)

Scott is not exactly the best hitter… or fielder…or much else. But the upside is that he plays for the “mad scientist” Joe Maddon, who seems to get every ounce talent out of every player. Scott has posted a.243 average with 8 home runs and 31 runs batted in. The real value of Scott is his performance against the competitive division, (5 HR’s, 21 RBI’s vs. AL East). Another thing that helps Scott is that playing a bench role for Tampa, but with a lot of opportunities, is much better than being forced to start in Baltimore.

8. Jose Altuve 2B and Jed Lowrie SS (Houston Astros)

These middle infielders have become an integral part of the Houston offense. The 5’5 Altuve (.310 AVG., 2HR, 13 RBI, 9SB) as the leadoff man, and Lowrie (.288 AVG., 7HR, 18 RBI) as the table-setting 2 hitter have provided a spark to the ‘Stos lineup. Which is an important thing considering Carlos Lee has spent the past 5 years watching every other offense talent vanish from the team. Astros fans got a glimpse of Altuve late last season and have been impressed with his continued production so far this season. Astros fans also survived a scare when the injury-riddled Lowrie, (acquired from Boston this offseason), has remained productive after a stint on the DL with a wrist ailment turned out to be nothing serious. These two are also nice defensive pairing up the middle, with Lowrie’s versatility being an added bonus.


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