Come So You May Eat The Flesh Of Kings, Generals Mighty Men, Of Horses And Riders Free And Slave

In maniacal hot-headed times
you may gnash them through your teeth
Pick up the dead do not think about white bread,
too many hub caps left for you in the early morning dew
Still there is strange magic in the wind,
cold bloody surfaces come mangling in the heart,
rare glimpses of a summer-set bird, adjacent minerals
are often invested within a local blemish,
fine segways for a forgotten lime, industrial parts for modern yuletide dilemmas, this isn’t a pretty picture as it involves the rotting of a flesh secular in its grand inception, religious in its word, peel back the gray tide bandanna there are picture frames in the dusk, opaque tunnels in praise of a pungent mollusk, fragrant chitons in a humbling experience unlikely to amount to very much, alternative parts may be present in misanthropic pies glimmering clover in a range of thought that may surface in red herring, stately figures too tender to mount with the bearings so heavy there are few warrants to mask a gun or a flask, a drunkards room at the old tavern, a vicar’s postulate thick with molasses and other mysteries of matter bring back what has been missing on the stage a cool glass of bitter to revive enfeebled memory a lunar eclipse that never fails to impress long before the broken emery has come, tight advances mean-spirited shadow is next to your best of kin, sad mortuary reminiscent of all that is narrow

In such a circumstance there is tragedy present at every beck and call, crushing defeats abound at every wall where evil emits its source there are investigations that will be, a stash of back door lunacy tire irons blue yarn no way to make the little boy free In grave predicaments there are seldom good answers to be found in dove tail solutions Yet there are appointments waiting in a finite palace, rumors about flying charts, chaos no order a defiant disordered math but this is a sign of the days that have their choice wrangling with dismembered patrons who shall never be placed in confinement large roomy faces that are a figment of what had been taken from a yellow kite in flight liberty has spoken beneath a paisley hat, hot designs for lucid people stumbling upon rare cuts and celibate shuts there are no hard naps that need to be segregated dangerous vision too small to bring to a weary platypus, eucalyptus, camel, cactus, glass menagerie, planet, porpoise, old rabbit, brave, irreverent, fold, magnanimous glow, bow tie baron, Finnegan sultry lush two girls and a multicolored specter a raw rainbow mother hen.


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