Creating a Successful Online Presence From the Ground Up

Today’s market place is flooded with competitors both online and off. Competing online seems to include new variables just about every month. One factor to your online success that seems to have some staying power is your ability to provide quality content both on and off your website. Here are some tips to start a successful online marketing campaign:


  • Google reads content. Not pictures, not Flash animation-content. Keyword rich content is the bait that attracts Google, and ultimately your customers, to your site. Too few keywords will get you overlooked like the shy guy at the bar. Too many keywords and you’ll end up like the guy that tries too hard…you might get a first date, but it probably won’t last. SEO copywriting will help you strike the right balance.
  • When new visitors arrive to your site, they are looking for information that will help them solve a problem; intuitive site structure and intelligent content development are crucial to winning them over.
  • Content, particularly recent blog updates, is what most people on Facebook and Twitter are sharing with their network. Businesses with a Blog have 2x the Twitter followers as businesses without a Blog. Nobody likes the silent treatment.
  • Besides content, the most important factor for search engine optimization is the number of links you have pointing back to pages on your site. Article Marketing and Press Releases are excellent sources for back links and go a long way in establishing your expertise and increasing your exposure.
  • “I don’t need to be on social media.” Many businesses believe that social media doesn’t apply to them. What they don’t understand is that social applications like Facebook and Twitter have become conduits for online word-of-mouth advertising and have achieved visitations exceeding search engine proportions. As of August 2010, Facebook has outpaced Google in regards to where people spend their time online.


Starting with a foundation of strong content on your own site, branch out to develop your web presence through social media, link building, article directories and press releases. Over time, you will establish your expertise throughout your online community will begin seeing your reach expand beyond what you could have imagined.

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