What Can I Learn About Online Article Writing

As the most prolific online article writer on the Internet, I am often field interesting questions about what I write about, how long online articles should be, what my expertise is, what tools I use to write and what type of writing I like to do most. So let’s begin and discuss a few of these topics in the hopes it might help propel you goals in your article writing.

The question about “word counts” is that I hate to type and well I am not very good at it, although I would say with all the practice I am probably better than most now. It is for this reason I like to keep my word counts low to save time and keep me from the things I do not enjoy. If I am running my voice activated software my articles are generally 350-400 words, but unless it is totally quiet, I cannot use it.

So, if I am listening to music or watching TV or talking to another while writing articles, I try to start finishing up as soon as I hit the required minimum of 250 words. Of course you cannot ever quit exactly at 250, but around 250-300 is where I “TRY” to cut it off, if I have to type, because I do not like typing. I have a feeling since I like the subject matter here in this article that I might indeed make this one a little longer

Most people do not enjoy typing and folks like me, “Doers” usually don’t like to type, I am sure you hate it too, but you have to type in order to write articles generally? If I had better voice software or if my voice was not so animated like a public speaker, I bet I could do much better with it and save on editing time. With typing you spend more time typing, with voice you spend more time editing generally, even if you are at 98% recognition. Also when you talk your articles seem to drastically change the tone.

Regarding the question about writing about stuff and picking subjects; Well, I generally do not like to write about subjects I know nothing about and you ought to be able to tell by reading my articles on let’s say “Cooking” or something of this nature. Luckily, I know a lot about a lot after all my experiences in 20 different industries, athletics, politics, civic stuff, hobbies, etc. So, unlike most people, I have a much wider range that I suppose others do not have. I like to study and learn things and discover new information, this helps and you should allow such a process to help you too. Pick the things you like to study and make a list, here is a brief list of my interests:


  • People and society
  • Human civilization
  • History
  • Earth Sciences
  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Military
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Environment
  • Non-profits
  • Business
  • Humanities
  • Computers
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • The Human Brain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Economics
  • Running
  • Philosophy
  • Politics

Yes there are many more, but those are the ones which most come to mind. Generally, I find that if you like a subject you will do good at it and if you have interest you can learn it much faster and excel. What ever area you work in or have as hobbies will make excellent subject matter for you to start. I suppose anyone can become and authority on any subject with enough knowledge, education, learning or experience in doing. 

What about other top authors and their strategies?

Well, lets take a look at a few other top authors – Tim Gorman is obviously a writer and has some writing background, so if you are not a writer it maybe unwise to follow his lead, but if you are a writer transitioning into online article authorship he is one to take a look at, as he is definitely a Key-Word writer. Michael Russell is similar, but he studies various subjects and then writes articles from his studies, so there is a lot of information packed in much like an encyclopedia.

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