We hold ourselves to the best expectations so our clients can feel like they are getting the best item out there. However, what, precisely, does that mean?

Every custom material print is:

Printed with UV-secured latex inks.  canvasjet

Imprinted on a top notch covered, recorded quality, poly-cotton material.

High quality, 100% pinewood outlines sourced from supportable timberlands.

Prints show up prepared to-hang with pre-introduced metal snares.

Each print has supported sponsorship so they are ensured never to hang.

Brighten your living spot with photograph prints on material or part with them as presents for uncommon events. Material photograph prints can genuinely gain your experiences keep going for quite a while. We’re prepared to make you say “Amazing!”


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Singular Edge Designs for Canvas Prints

Collapsed Edge

Your material is folded around the casing in exemplary display style. The edges of your picture will show up on the sides of the casing, so ensure any indispensable components of your photograph aren’t excessively near the edge!

Reflected Edge

Your preferred picture is completely noticeable on the front side of the material print. The edges of your photograph are then duplicated, transformed and imprinted on the edge edges to make an identical representation impact.

Extended Edge

The pixels at the external boundary of your photograph are extended longwise across the edge sides to make a striking haze impact. Your picture stays noticeable in full on the front side of the material.

White Edge

Your photograph is scaled to show up in full on the front side of your material. The sides of the casing are covered with an unadulterated white edge that gives a spotless line and heightens your picture.

Dark Edge

Likewise with the White Edge decision, your photograph is shown distinctly on the facade of the material. A dark strip is then imprinted on the sides of the photograph material, giving an extraordinary fly of difference.






Genuine Wood Frame for Canvas Printing

Standard edge 2 cm thickness

To deliver your photograph material, we utilize 2 cm thick tidy wood cot casing of the greatest quality. Indeed, even with its strong wood outline, the material keeps up its lightweight properties, and relying upon the configuration it ought to require close to a nail or two to be held tight the divider.

Medium edge 3.5 cm thickness

This rendition includes a material thickness of 3.5 cm when estimated, this edge thickness is our generally famous. It gives the profundity important to make observable point of view and distance from the divider, a decent “haul” to your fine art without being excessively cumbersome.

Cumbersome casing 5 cm thickness


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