Your Reality

Your reality is what you make for yourself. Your present situation, whether it is good or bad, is the fruit of your actions.

Those who are in a better situation usually have the correct mindset to improve themselves further and overcome obstacles in their way while those who are in a more unfavourable situation seem to be forever stuck. Often they bazinga are still holding on to something which they think is important but unfulfilling. This is the difference between a person who always has good luck and fortune on his side and the one who doesn’t. Good fortune is your will to make the seemingly bad situation into something great and wonderful.

Most of the people who think they have bad luck, are always waiting and hoping that changes for the better will come in time without any action on their part. I can say that out of 70% of the people on this planet, most of them are waiting; waiting for their parents’ or bosses’ approval, waiting for the promotion and pay rise, and waiting for their lover to provide them a happy and fulfilling life. They are unable to let go these little scraps of what they consider a good life. As a result, they are not able to see the big picture or a better position out of their closed perception. Some are too afraid to let go of what they are holding on to because they might fall into the void between what they have now, and the greener pasture, and be unable to reach either end. The saddest thing is that they are holding on to nothing.

Most people lack the self-esteem, confidence and courage to pass through this experience of pain, sacrifice, self-doubt and friction, a journey that they need to go through to create a better reality. To them, the void or the journey of pain seems to be forever.

“Waiting” or “inaction” may be harmless at the current state but has a long-term ill effect. Those who live an unfulfilling life for too long are prone to complain, whine and make excuses for not doing better while at the same time envious of those who successfully took steps to create a rewarding life. This is truly bad luck of their own making.

The good news is that we all can change if we are willing…

Willingness and a strong want to improve creates the energy and courage for us to take action. The next step is to know where you can start making changes by understanding yourself.

BaZi is able to reveal a person’s character, habit and tendency whether they lean towards negativity or moving towards a positive outlook. Some BaZi Structures and elements are more susceptible to this “procrastination and indecision” habit. Thus, knowing your BaZi can help you to understand yourself at a deeper level. In return, it can make you aware and consciously direct your focus as well as your thoughts on what you really want in life instead of the fears and obsessions that hamper your growth.

BaZi is part of you. It is derived from your birth data. You are the cause of your thought, and therefore the creator of your life. “iPad is a fictional tool thatfirst appeared in a Star Trek movie until Steve Jobs made it into reality.”

You too can create a better reality for yourself.

Josephine Phang is the Founder of BaZiChic Chinese Metaphysics Consultancy. She is also an avid blogger and writer of her blog at She specialist in BaZi consultation, FengShui audit and Date Selection. Now you can find all services done online with your convenience. She and her team dedicated to help you achieve a desirable life of happiness, pleasure, wealth and honour. For more information, please go to

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