2020: A New World-Order

Till last year, we all were enjoying lives on our beautiful planet earth in spite of all negative forces. Technological advances have made life very simple for everyone and distances were not felt in this global village.

We all were self centered. Trying to fulfil our dreams & desires rapidly. And if you have money or power than everything was available on a call or click of button. You could have breakfast in one continent, lunch in other and come back home expression for dinner. You could deliver a business talk on your favorite subject and get honored by the community organizing the event.

But the poor and deprived were not lagging behind. They could get a selfie photoshoped in their favorite destination/ background and post it on social media to earn large number of likes. On the social media platforms, they could deliver or forward tons of text, photo or video.

Everybody was busy in several activities yet not satisfied fully by any of those. Available money was not enough for any one and survival was on borrowed money. The only concern was to somehow manage to pay the next instalment. The 24 hours’ time in a day was not enough to meet the set targets and it was a mad race everywhere. The popular destinations were overcrowded and everyone wanted to reach there somehow.

But in 2020, the dynamics of the world gone to a sudden change. A ‘nano meter sized’ virus, which was not even the living entity like bacteria, forced all the world powers to fight a war against it.

Suddenly, the basic needs were in foreground and everyone realized that (s)he can live without the cosmetic needs for a considerable time.

All calculation of the traffic-based business became irrelevant and big business models collapsed like a pack of cards.

The only way to defeat the contagious virus was to reduce the movements to minimum and keep a safe distance from other people.

This change is irreversible. We will have to learn to live with this virus. A new world order has already emerged. ‘self-reliance’ is the mantra to live life, that too a simple one. Each one of us will have to consider an aura of one meter around the body of self and others and treat it as physical entity. Those who will ignore this will pay the price. Office cum residential complexes with self-sustaining working model mostly with local resources are the reality of future. Very powerful local civic governing bodies communicating through internet will emerge and the scope of nation or state government will be just to coordinate the efforts and resources.

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