The Best Alternative to 9Anime with NO Ads

Has 9Anime been unsatisfying lately for you? Or are you looking for best alternatives to 9Anime in case the site is shut down? Or are you simply checking out what’s better out there as 9Anime doesn’t seem to meet all of your requirements yet? If you say yes to any of these three questions, don’t leave yet, the answer lies in this article!

9Anime is no doubt one of the best free anime sites we’ve had so far. But is it the best of the best? With the number of drawbacks the site has, we sadly have to say, it is not. 9Anime’s loading speed has always been frustrating and the desktop version is a mess of ads. We know ads and popups are 9Anime’s only source of income; however, supporting the site also means putting our device and identity at risk. But don’t sweat it, we have found you a site that fixes all of 9Anime’s problems. Give a shot and you won’t regret it!

site that allows us to stream and download thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows, be it mainstream or trending, in full HD quality (1080p) without having to pay a single penny. The site is steadily gaining recognition for its ad-free feature, great customer service, seamless streaming experience, and many more excellent features.

Is Safe? is safer than 9Anime, that’s simply a fact. When you click on unwanted ads, you put your device and identity at risk. It takes only a misclick to allow hackers to wreak destruction and gain access to sensitive information. That means, is completely safe as there are no ads on the site.

Like 9Anime, doesn’t require any registration or signup. Therefore, you are not expected to share any of your private information with the site. No information shared, no information lost, so cannot be any safer.

Is Using Legal?

Both 9Anime and are not considered legal sites, as their content is not paid for. But we have never come across any legal anime site that lets us watch current titles without asking for payment. Let’s be honest, sites need money to survive, especially legal ones. They have to pay for copyright and earn back the money from our subscriptions. They surely earn from ads and popups too but that amount of income is nowhere near enough. Therefore, if you want to catch up with the anime world, you have to compromise on pirated streaming. If you are worried about a possible lawsuit or fine for streaming at Zoro, don’t worry; you can simply turn on a reliable VPN to stay completely anonymous. Not to mention that, Japan’s anime piracy laws are not as strictly enforced.

Sites like

There are sites that are similar to, but there is no site that offers all the excellent features Zoro owns. Sites like AnimeDao, Gogoanime let us watch thousands of titles for free, but they are filled with ads. Some other ad-free sites don’t offer us the Ultra HD quality that is proud of. Legal sites like CrunchyRoll and Funimation give us access to part of their content library in Ultra HD Quality, but we still have to sit through ads and normally the titles are not current.

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