About Me

I’m a native Texan originally from Austin who now lives and bartends in Los Angeles.  I’m a tad old fashioned so I prefer Bartender to mixologist.  I like to think of mixology as more the method, education, technique and panache.  I’m just your friendly Barman, well versed in the ways of the vintage as well as the modern cocktail.  Currently I work behind the stick at The Varnish in downtown Los Angeles, where mixology and the search for the perfect cocktail are unending.  I am passionate about all aspects of cocktail culture.  With a simple credo of honoring each ingredient and bending over backward to achieve balance, the thoughts behind my cocktails remain adventurous, thorough, and professional. As well as being a humble Barman, I like taking a chef’s and craftsman approach behind the bar by being seasonally driven, ingredient focused, and precise.  I love a stroll through the local farmers market for inspiration. Whether it be the days freshest lemon basil or the seasons ripest heirloom tomatoes, I see cocktails in everything.

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. This blog is a great read! Congrats to Chris on making your passion for cocktails a reality. Until you try Chris’s wild concoctions, you’ll never know how delicious a cocktail can be!

  2. The Blog looks great and I look forward to reading you! Keep it up.

  3. I know first hand about your ability. Love, “The Lounge Chair” and I am sure that I will be inspired to make new cocktails for our BBQ/PONG days at the Commonwealth Mansion. Keep it coming….
    Paul America

  4. Great looking blog, man! You are truly an artist in the field. I am certainly looking forward to learning more about mixed drinks, that I might expand my horizons beyond the bounds of Bud Tall Boys!

  5. Love the blog! Also loved the 19th you made me(the drunk that just came from wine tasting) at the Varnish. Ive been toying with allot of flavor infused brandies of some fruits that I have picked up from the local farmers market, also diving into the world of homemade bitters. When I finish them, the way I’ve planned, I drop them off for an extra opinion. Happy Pouring@@

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